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Discover how our team revolutionized survey digitization with the ScanToFHIR project, tailored specifically to empower healthcare professionals.

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The ScanToFHIR Project Impact

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, time is precious, and accuracy is non-negotiable. Yet, outdated paper-based survey methods have become obstacles to progress and efficiency.

Introducing STF, a project designed to revolutionize survey digitization for healthcare professionals. This success story delves into STF’s inception, its mission and its impact on healthcare workflows.

STF emerged from a need in the healthcare sector. Paper surveys were consuming resources, introducing complexities, and compromising data integrity. STF’s purpose? To simplify survey digitization, offering a modern, efficient, and secure solution that prioritizes accuracy and data security for healthcare professionals.

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How ScanToFHIR Works


Seamless Scanning

We've integrated cutting-edge scanning technologies, allowing users to effortlessly digitize surveys using phones, computers, or external services.


Streamlined Upload Process

Our platform's efficient upload process ensures quick and hassle-free digitization of scanned documents.


FHIR-Formatted Export

STF facilitates seamless export of digitized surveys in FHIR format to various destinations, enhancing accessibility and compatibility.

Why ScanToFHIR Stands Out

STF was purposefully designed to simplify survey digitization for healthcare workers, reducing manual effort and streamlining processes. We collaborated closely with healthcare professionals to understand their unique needs and challenges, resulting in a user-friendly and effective solution.

STF significantly reduced the time and effort required for survey digitization, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care. Robust security measures in STF ensured the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive healthcare data.

Healthcare professionals using STF reported substantial time savings in survey digitization tasks, leading to increased productivity. The automated digitization process in STF minimized errors compared to manual data entry methods.

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