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    Bold leadership

    Chekov Enterprise

    We lead with confidence and offer steadfast support in decision-making. Embracing challenges as stepping stones, we stand ready to transform discomfort into opportunity.

    Expertly crafted work

    Chekov Enterprise

    Blending technology, process finesse, and operational mastery, we forge impeccable products. Your business requirements are our compass, and our solutions uphold security standards while optimizing costs.

    Solutions tailored to you

    Chekov Enterprise

    We navigate by your needs, not technology's whims. Our journey begins with precise specifications, advances through strategic solutions, and concludes with technology fitted to you.

    Agility rooted in methodical structure

    Chekov Enterprise

    Agile values shape our path, grounded in transparent methodologies. With structure and flexibility, we adeptly tackle challenges and embrace opportunities.

    Digital fluency

    Chekov Enterprise

    We use the products that we build. Our digital native experience enables us to translate business requirements into modern solution scenarios seamlessly.

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A Chekov Enterprise product for designing and processing FHIR based surveys
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Project DPX

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Chekov Enterprise
Every project is unique, whether it involves development from scratch, expansion, or retrofitting. First, we understand the "why" behind your venture. Second, we align the functional and technical implementation with your goals, ensuring its success.
  • Develop a clear vision or mission statement
  • Address uncertainties through prototyping and studies.
  • Create epics, processes, and system modules
  • Formulate a general solution concept
  • Estimate costs and resources, making buy-or-build decisions
  • Conduct initial risk assessment
  • Define delivery strategy, project structure, and staffing


Chekov Enterprise
It is where the project starts to take shape. Here we break down the big picture into manageable, loosely coupled packages and define their implementation based on the delivery plan. This allows us to deliver first results faster, as we understand priorities and can make teams work parallel.
  • Design processes using industry standards (UML, BMPN, EPK Diagrams)
  • Refine architecture and package definitions
  • Validate and baseline the architecture promptly
  • Create detailed iteration plans
  • Design technical modules and UI/UX concepts
  • Implement security concepts
  • Define quality assurance criteria


Chekov Enterprise
Our goal in this phase is to implement technical requirements correctly and promptly using the right technology. We also prioritize early implementation of non-functional requirements and involve end users actively in quality assurance.
  • Utilize agile or hybrid module realization approaches
  • Perform code review and QA automation
  • Conduct security checks (DAST, SAST, etc.)
  • Conduct beta testing, module testing, and process testing


Chekov Enterprise
During the transition phase, our primary focus is to make the software available to end users by providing ramp-up support to business departments and ensuring a smooth handover of all components to the technical staff.
  • Manage product and system rollout
  • Oversee delivery management
  • Integrate processes and modules
  • Handle data migration
  • Provide user training
  • Prepare end-user documentation
  • Facilitate a clean handover to operations (internal or external)

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